About East Coast 7
We are a group of seven, dedicated, postgraduate fine artists rooted in the east coast region and bound by a common goal – to bring our unique surroundings to life through a variety of approaches.
One of our main strengths is that we work across a range of disciplines, both two and three dimensional. We use the tools and techniques of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and printmaking to respond to the nuances of our particular area and to look beyond the visible.
Our vision is to support each other in the continuing development of our own art practice and to encourage the public’s engagement with art.
As individuals we have exhibited extensively within the Lincolnshire region, and more widely afield.
The Artists
Julie Gough - Sculpture/Narrative: I create, or collect, objects which are both evocative and ambiguous. I search within them for connotations of ritual, journeys, myths or ancient civilisations.
Julie’s 2006 solo show entitled Entities was held at The Collection.

Sue Hoare - Print: In my printmaking I examine the overlooked; a pressed flower in a book, a train ticket in a jacket pocket and a red wine stain on a desk. These seemingly inconsequential marks, objects and mementos are fragments of life which evoke memory of a time and place.
In 2011, Sue exhibited as part of Happily Ever After: alternative destinies in contemporary feminist narrative - John Poynter Gallery, Dangar, NSW. Australia

Pippa Llewellyn - Painting: Making work for me is about finding the ‘face’ of the painting, which is a phrase used by the writer John Berger. In my work there has been a concentration on extricating and freeing from entanglement, form and colour, often corrected or re-worked, and then in finding in the activity of colour and form, the act by which things are made visible. Berger has written that ‘the painter’s continual search is for a place to welcome the absent.’

Heather Pickwell - Sculpture: My subject is growth, the imperceptible growth of cells, of plants; the incremental growth observed in shells and coral and the explosive growth of mutating organisms. I take my inspiration from the woods, fields and coastline of Lincolnshire. Rope is the perfect material for these semi biomorphic forms and I repeat one stitch in a strict mathematical progression just as cells and bacteria repeat, divide and grow. My sculpture is tactile, made to be touched and smelled, with surfaces, lines cavities and protuberances to be explored. Heather was awarded Winner of the Sculpture prize at 20: 21 Open Exhibition, 2011.

Tina Waller - Digital Photography: I explore the everyday and question our relationship with the urban and rural environment. I am interested in how our surroundings impact on our identities and behaviour, how we cultivate a sense of belonging and how we embrace or reject our inherited environment. I investigate the physical relationship between social space and its inhabitants and the transient nature of human experiences. This new series of work examines captured moments from the Lincolnshire coastline when time, tide and social space work in perfect synchronicity.
Tina has been awarded the 2013 Photography prize at 20.21 Gallery’s open exhibition, and in 2009 exhibited at the Black/North SEAS International Festival, UK leg of European Tour (awarded SEAS and Arts Council grant): photography

Jackie Welton - Mixed Media: My current focus is the exploration of textures to interpret images from nature and the landscape. Through experimentation with the layering of different media, involving tearing, overlapping, reassembling and distressing, I have developed intricate, multifaceted surfaces with a broad field of expressive detail. These form the foundation on which I can interweave form and colour using a variety of media. I aim to interpret, but not copy, the images in order to deliver visual impact for the viewer to respond to in a personal way.
Jackie was awarded 2nd prize in the 20016 for 20/21 Open Exhibition, and has work in collections throughout the UK, Europe, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Sally Yarrington – Painting: My painting is about the experience of a place or situation, something not necessarily seen but sensed; perhaps a tension or rawness that can be felt. Inspiration for my painting comes from seeking out those places or situations which have an edge to them. The ominous swell of the sea, the tidal power of the River Humber and the imagined deepness of the woods, all have the ability to draw us in, whilst retaining the potential for the unknown. Their presence and energy awakens our senses; we instinctively need to watch, listen, to tread carefully.
In 2014 Sally was awarded HMCE 1st prize in the National Painting competition.